Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How God chose the "DANGLERS" 2 B my family

This is my sissy Lily Mae, she is already a Dangler!! Lily Mae was adopted in 2007, from China as well.  So here goes my story of how God chose the Danglers to become my new family.  My parents were wanting to adopt again.... and my sister Lily Mae had NO idea about my parents decision, my father keep saying "Donna" we should go back to China and her response was "Jeff it takes 4-6 years, and that is too long, for with that my mother got an application for adoption from Ethiopia, and filled them out...In the meantime my mother was explaining to LilyMae how it is so important to listen to your heart that God speaks to us in order to lead us in his direction for his future plans that he has for us!  About a week later my sister was outside watering the flowers in the front yard and my mother and father were sitting on the chairs, drinking coffee (not an unusual scence from what I hear, LOL) and Lily Mae put her hand on her heart and said "MOM"! shhhhh God is speaking to me...with excitement written all over her face Lily Mae said "mom" God said I am going to have a sister, well Jeff and I just said OH OK!!!  That was on a Friday night, that next Sunday Jeff stayed home (which was Fathers Day) because Lily Mae was not feeling so well, around noon, while we were still in church... Jeff got a call from a co-worker (Jane Peng) who was raised in Beijing, China and her best friend from college was in the Beijing hospital recieving treatment when she befriended a little girl, who was Me, "the future Ms. Lucy Mae Dangler"  Janes friend had called her and asked if she know anyone who would be interested in adopting this little girl who was abandoned 4 years ago, at the Beijing hospital, her mother had died and left little Xiao-Ai in the hospital and the nurses and doctors had been raising her (for 4 years).  We immediately said YES, what a blessing!  My mother had NO idea where to begin... I was NOT in the system and how was I going to get adopted?????  My mother went to the computer and prayed "Lord I have no idea where to begin, to bring Xiao-Ai home and to become our daughter... we want so deperately to give her a home, we do not have the funds available but have all the love in the world and I have already placed her in my heart as our child, please provide the means and direction to bring her home, In Jesus' Name, Amen... with that I typed adoption agencies and found CHI, they had a gentlemen in Beijing, China who was only going to be with the agency there for about 4  months and he worked so hard to get Xiao-Ai in the system and into an orphange (believe me this was an act of God) it was a huge task at hand and this gentlemen gave it all he had, two days before he left they were able to move her into an orphange so we could do our paperwork, and raise the needed funds.  God is so faithful!!  Before she went to the orphange Jane's husband works for the Louisville water company and had to go to Beijing for work (another God moment) so we bought a doll for her (it is just like Lily Mae's) and sent it to China along with family photos that we had just had taken!!! I had them laminated and put on a key ring so she could carry them with her everywhere she goes, in the picutures of her on her blog you can see her holding on to our photos, the nurses and doctors said that she got the doll and pictures a day before she went to the orphange, again GODS perfect timing!!!!! The nurses and doctors said that she went through the five floors of the hospital saying I am going to America and now I have a family!!!!!   Let me just say God makes the impossible, POSSIBLE!!!!


If you noticed in the upper right hand corner there is a paypal account, please donate for the expenses involved in bringing me home, my parents are in need of 15,000 dollars every dollar counts, May God Bless you and yours!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lucy Mae Dangler

Hello my name is Lucy Mae Dangler