Saturday, January 8, 2011

The time is here!!!

Well it is 12:15am, we just finished packing... I walked out into the family room and there laid sissy sound asleep...right in front of the fireplace in her fuzzy pj's and shinny new blue fingernail polish, some moments are meant to be treasured for a lifetime, and this is a moment to which I will file away forever...she could NOT go to sleep earlier she is too excited about us going to China so we can bring home her Christmas present, her best friend for LIFE, Lucy Mae Dangler, home(as most of you know we did NOT do Christmas presents, we used our Christmas money for the adoption)  Well hang on for the next 20 days and be prepared for a variety of emotional...As most of who stay in touch with me on a regular basics know that this journey will be NO different from life at home meaning WE serve an INCREDIBLE, AWESOME GOD that continuously shows himself to us, so grab on to the train as we venture into the workings of GOD OUR FATHER...if by chance your faith is NOT in God, stay tuned because YOU will witness through our postings how God works miricles in our life.  God will show his SOVERNITY to a couple that puts  ALL of their hope, faith, trust and love in GOD!