Monday, January 17, 2011

Lucy Mae's guardian angel -- Yan Li

Yan Li is Lucy Mae's true guardian angel... the role one can play in one's
life can be subtle or it can be exponential... In Lucy Mae's case it's the
latter. It's staggering to think where Lucy Mae (Xiao Ai) would be today if
it were not for Yan Li's phone call to Jane Peng ...........


The hotel manager was so taken by Lucy Mae's story and the outpouring of
love & happiness... he broke out several bottles of Champagne!

What a GRAND evening....

We are still awestruck over the outpouring of love and compassion shown for
Lucy Mae!!

The Hospital Staff that cared so much for her....

These are pre-party pictures

The story that unfolded this evening at the He Ping hospital and at the
party were AMAZING... we are still is awe of the evenings events!