Wednesday, January 12, 2011

First day with our preshUS gift

WOW!!!!!! I am so completely SPEACHLESS, I have NEVER seen a child so full of laughter!!!! and JOY!!!!  we gave her a bath for the VERY first time in her life, and she laughted and just keep having the time of her life, she would like keep lifting up the water and looking at me smiling but mainly laughting....I CAN NOT SAY IT ENOUGH I HAVE NEVER WITNESSED SOMEONE SO FULL OF JOY. She  of course is very very smart, she keep repeating everything we say, ex. she was coloring and I said Lucy Mae look at momma, and she would look then a minute later we would hear her said Lucy Mae look at momma! she talks all night long, and just looks at us in the eyes and we just say I wish I knew what you were saying!! yesterday with one of our interpreters she asked her is momma brought her any clothes and Lucy said HUNDREDS (thanks mom and dad) when she say her clothes she was in awe, the WHOLE day she fixes her her she LOVES headbands and her hair is so short but she will put a small ponytail in the front, with a headband on, she stands infront of the mirror a lot. she always is playing with puting her hair back with her hands. after her bath i could tell she felt so BEAUTIFUL, she really likes to look and feel pretty.


Now the heartbreaker....last night as we put her to bed she CRIED AND CRIED Jeff mainly laid with her, for several reason I was so tired I slept some plus I will be with her so much during the days that I want this bonding time for him. she keep talking and talking while she was crying, so we called Cindy our translater and she told us that she was saying she wanting to go back home to the orphanage. This next thing is going to amaze  you!!!!  Bradley bought me an mp3 player about a two years ago and I hardly use (not cause I dont love it but I was have someone saying MOM MOM lol) anyhow I have recorded on there the songs for the states and capitals, one song, come a little closier (thats for jeff and I lol) then the other song ( this is SO GOD) Standing on holy ground, this is NOT  only my favorite Christian song but it was the song that lead me to the LORD!!! it was the very song I stood in church with and said that I choose to follow GODS path for me, I was 16 or 17, so we played this for her after I prayed over her, the ear piece would fall out and almost with a shacking fear she would panic trying to find the ear piece and immediately put it back into her ear, SHE LOVED THE VERY SONG that brought me closier to the LORD, GOD knew what would calm her spirit and soul, ' the translater (who is Christian) asked her by my request do you know JESUS or GOD, she looked at her and shook her head saying NO, wow for a couple of minutes my heart was so SAD for her, but then after my short grieving moment I changed my heart praising  GOD for the honor and the privilege to teach her about GOD and who her LORD and SAVIOR was to be for ETERNITY. SOMETIMES, ACTUALLY A LOT I am so honored and amazed at how much GOD has entrusted Jeff and I with (our barns truly overflow)


Yesterday we had a lot of legal stuff to do (the adoption is TOTALLY different) our translator said that Beijing adoption are so very rare that they only have one maybe two a year...we had to go in front of a judge at the registers office, WOW the lady asked us some very intense questions, at one point she asked if we promise NEVER to abandon or hurt her I just started crying and said lady stood right beside her starring us down very stern, which is very good, they need to be very careful with who adopts their children... Beijing adoption is so rare by it is the capital and if any of the Chinese people donate money it goes to the orphanage she lived in they also educate them very well and most go to university. so the lady ended up really liking us and the one standing next to the judge said to our translator that she was amazed at how well Lucy Mae and I had already bonded and that we could communicate and understand, this is after having her for 2.5 hours. here is some really awesome news Jeff and I (Jeff thought of it) have to decided to name her Lucy Mae YAN Dangler (that is the first name Yan, of the lady that found her) to give her honor and so we will always be remembering her)  we will tell her tomorrow, and already told Dennis they gentlemen that fought for her to be put into an orphanage so we could do her paperwork... and he was SPEECHLESS, that is HUGE for the Chinese they are really big on HONOR! today we will have lunch with Yan.  whelp that is going to be all for now I LOVE YOU ALL, AND BLESSINGS to each of you from the other side of the world.

Bed Time... sad

Well all has being well and still is... 6:30 pm - I believe that Lucy Mae just realized that she's not going back to the orphanage... she just started crying (so sad) and we cannot understand her words... but we can see in her tears that she loves her caregivers at the orphanage... we can hear the sadness in her crying that she misses her friends back at the orphanage -- this is a lot for a five year old to endure... God Bless her!

It is official -- Lucy Mae Yan Dangler!!

Lucy Mae is doing very well with the transition...  I could not have planned it any better.  She is soooo bubbly and funny.  She has not shed a tear... she has not stopped having fun...

this is a blessing.... She just had a bath... brushed her teeth and now relaxing with mama.