Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day of mourning for the Danglers...YAN lost her battle with cancer, we
just received a text. It is not a coincidence to me that she passed away the
morning Sunday (the Lords day) after Lucy Mae Yan Dangler got settled in her
NEW family and home, GOD is so sovereign, Lucy Mae just handed me a
butterfly she colored, we had flowers sent to Yan and gave her bible (in
Chinese) asking her to read the bible and accept Jesus Christ as her Lord
and Savior is this butterfly a part of God allowing me to know that she has
a new life in Christ, my prayer and hope is just that, Yan will NEVER be
forgotten as I look at Lucy Mae Yan Dangler, I see Yan as I watch her play
and remember a preshUS lady half a world away that cared enough to change
her world forever. YAN WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!
YAN, was one of the most gentle & graceful women I have ever meet.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Let the "language games begin!

Grand Dad learning Chinese... those are not head phone they are ear muffs...

Good Bye China & Hello Sister

This is Simon, our Canton guide, Lucy Mae's tearful goodbye... 24 hours
later Hello Lucy Mae.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Four Minutes Early....

Well our China trip and our forever love started on Jan 11 @ 9:56 a.m.  Cindy, our Beijing guide, and the orphanage director were to arrive at our hotel room @ 10 a.m..... we were in a busy controlled panic getting everything ready.... it was 9:56 and yet so much more to do -- and knock.. knock... Four minutes early! -- I'm still arranging everything -- again knock... knock... Donna says answer the door... "... Oh yea..." then our world changed forever.  Good bye China and Thank You for our wonderful daughter.  Lucy Mae's 1st photo... the sum of everyone's effort and generosity!!


Dear God,
Thank YOU so very much for all that you do for us, I get so excited ALL THE
TIME, you contently provide us with BLESSINGS!!!!! I am always amazed at the
continuous blessings...I can NOT sleep I am so excited for the moment Lily
Mae and Lucy Mae will see each other for the very first time!!!! YOU
KNOW...years ago when I was oh say 10,11 or 12 I would DREAM of coming to
the Orient and I would always say to my mom, I want twins, WELL, God was
preparing my heart for this season (time) in life!!!! GOD YOU ARE SO TRUELY

Lucy Mae's New Hair Dew.....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Emailing: DSCN2215

NEW parents after 20 years of marriage... I gave them my 24 hour hot line
number, preshUS friends really enjoyed them!!

Emailing: DSCN2408

sometimes things just look GREENER on the other side, LOL

I know what you're thinking....

You're thinking Donna got arrested and is riding in the back seat of a police car with a camera...  Nope just a cab.

Coolest Starbucks.....

Lucy Mae's new bronze buddies...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wonderful gift.... from Soi & Jing Qi

Lucy Mae received a wonderful  Jade pendant...

Great evening!!!!

Lucy Mae had a blast... she was so excited... all the kids were amazed to
see so many lights. This cruise is spectacular... the shore line never

Dinner Cruise.....

Food was actually pretty good...

Canton River Cruise... aka Pearl River

WOW... the lights never stopped...

Pearl River cruise -- Canton - City of lights

Monday, January 24, 2011