Sunday, January 30, 2011

A day of mourning for the Danglers...YAN lost her battle with cancer, we
just received a text. It is not a coincidence to me that she passed away the
morning Sunday (the Lords day) after Lucy Mae Yan Dangler got settled in her
NEW family and home, GOD is so sovereign, Lucy Mae just handed me a
butterfly she colored, we had flowers sent to Yan and gave her bible (in
Chinese) asking her to read the bible and accept Jesus Christ as her Lord
and Savior is this butterfly a part of God allowing me to know that she has
a new life in Christ, my prayer and hope is just that, Yan will NEVER be
forgotten as I look at Lucy Mae Yan Dangler, I see Yan as I watch her play
and remember a preshUS lady half a world away that cared enough to change
her world forever. YAN WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!
YAN, was one of the most gentle & graceful women I have ever meet.

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