Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another WoW day.....

WOW!!! each day holds such incredible experiences!! Last night after a full
day Yan, Dennis and Yan's sister, took us to the most wonderful restaurant,
they probably ordered 12 dishes, it was a Chinese feast! It was a
bittersweet day, at the end of lunch Lucy Mae started crying and
weeping...she was with a foster home for the last year, (we just learned of
this) and she keep saying that they told her that she was to come back, just
to get her NOT to cry when she left, which left us a lot to work with, but
with GOD and his abundant mercies and grace she is doing much better today
so happy and joyful, skipping, laughing, and all smiles. Last night we took
her swimming and the funniest thing happened, she would CLING to me which
was needed to bond, however she would NOT go near Jeff and we could NOT
understand this (thank heavens for our translator) she can and we asked her
WHY? She told her that the hair on his chest is poking her, (you see Chinese
men basically DO NOT have hair on their chest) we lost it!!! We could
hardly stop laughing!!! When we brought her back to the room we got our
pj's on and she crawled in bed with us and sang her little heart out, she
was so happy and feel right to sleep. Here is some other interesting
knowledge that we needed to hear and will be great facts for you all to
read...When we sat in the lobby and wanted to keep having her sit on our lap
she would sit and then get right up, if you know us the Dangler's are MAJOR
huggers we LOVE to contently be hugging each other. Typically someone is in
my lap at home or sitting in the big chair with Jeff, so again our wonderful
translator (Cindy) asked her why? Lucy Mae said her foster mother told her
as a Chinese respect you do NOT sit on laps of people or cling to them it is
NOT good manners, WOW we are the totally opposite...even our boys at 23, 19,
& 17 still climb into my lap, I will say Bradley doesn't as much now that he
is married, but Andrew, very typically and Dillon, not so much... Lily Mae
all day long, on and off, so TWO very interesting facts. Today we went to
meet Melody, she is the head director of the Children Hope International and
was the key source as well as Dennis...she was so excited to meet Lucy Mae,
this was such a blessing for her she has fought long and hard for this to
happen, so it was a joy and relief to see us!! SHE is so taken by our story
that while she was there she contacted China CBN (China broadcasting
network) and China CNN. She wants the story to go on the air, and would be
shown in America as well. We also meet in her office a Chinese famous rock
star. We then came back to the hotel and Lucy Mae and I ate lunch in the
hotel, we had the whole restaurant to ourselves, very fun and lots of laughs
even with the language barriers, God is preshUS to us! Yan will take us to
the hospital to show us where Lucy Mae lives for a couple of years and then
the staff is taking us to a hotel for a huge going away party for Lucy Mae,
she is so LOVED her EVERYONE has fallen in love with her, mainly Jeff and I.
I cannot tell you the feeling I get when I look into her eyes the
connections fills my soul with immeasurable love. Well we are off to the
market hugs and kisses to all of you.
Side note when we went to change after swimming I meet this wonderfully kind
Chinese women who also spoke English and we shared so much about children,
college and different life styles, as I went to leave I gave her a hug
(which is NOT really done in China, you just shake hands) I said God bless
held her hand and looked her in her eyes and told her that Jesus loved HER
and asked her if she know God or Jesus and she said that she had some
Christian friends and that they would get together and study the bible and
sing songs, (my heart was so elated) I reassured her that she must accept
Jesus in her heart for her to go to heaven and one day see US! This was so
touching I praise God so much for giving me the spirit to witness anywhere
with any language, To GOD be the glory.

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