Saturday, January 22, 2011

Azithromycin (Z Pak) is Jeff's new friend...

Can you believe I'm sick with a blasted sinus infection... I could feel it coming on when we were flying out of Beijing... So I wondered to a Chinese pharmacy and I was in luck ("Murphy's Law") no one spoke English... So I made some motions to my nose -  they grabbed a box... Then I spoke in a Barry White tone voice... they grabbed another box... then for 10 minutes we went back and forth.   I was trying to explain that I wanted non-drowsy meds... We looked like we were playing charades!!!  Then they put those boxes back and came back with two more....  Then came the biggie question do you have Azithromycin????  They bought me a book about the size of a bible from the Middle Ages -- All the times I overlooked indexes in books trying to find what I  was looking for - shame on me.  This time I turned to the index... to the Z's... then my next lucky break happened... the text was too small -- I did not have my glasses.... so I squinted as if my life depended on it... then there it was... "Azithromycin"... no prescription... no co-pay... no doctor appointment (that's always two days away) all for $4.53 -- YEA!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Bless your heart! (and your nose!)

    We had our guide take us, so it was much easier! But it was really nice to pay so little.