Wednesday, January 19, 2011

FW: The Unexpected

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Talk about the UNEXPECTED!!!! Today we were taken to a gentlemen's office
where we were asked to share our story of Lucy Mae in front of a full
conference room of men and women, There was a man who interpreted our story
into Chinese. He had a power point message up that said "Love beyond
boundaries" and "welcome" Jeff and I were so honored to share our story
which reflects the love of GOD and how GOD moves mountains, and mountains he
does!! Too much of our surprise at the end we were handed a huge mound of
Chinese money, and then everyone in the conference room donated money as
well, towards Lucy Mae's education, medical needs or any other needs for
her, (it was nearly $4,000.00 dollars) WE ARE MORE THAN SPEECHLESS!!!! Our
stay here in Beijing has been such a pleasure, the people here have been so
INCREDIBLE, the out pouring of LOVE, & SUPPORT has left us desiring to come
again... the people we meet here are real, and have welcomed us with open
arms, we have been treated like royalty! May God bless the giver!
P.S. It is a small world with a big GOD, I found out yesterday before the
meeting that the gentlemen who had us to his office has a nephew who attends
Kentucky Country Day...and stayed with Scott Scinta last year while
attending school...I had taken the Scinta's dinner last year because he is
battling cancer (please pray for him)!!! and after I delivered the meal (not
knowing at the time) Mr. Yang nephew came in the home, right before I left
we were able to pray together and talk about his time in America and I let
him know that we were going to China in the near future to adopt a little
girl, little did I know that his uncle went to college with Jane Peng
(Jeff's co-worker)who was the first person to contact us about the adoption.
TALK ABOUT A SMALL WORLD!! I am going to have to write a book, someday!!

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