Friday, January 21, 2011


Well today was again bittersweet we are closer to coming home, however Lucy
Mae had to leave, Cindy she really got close to our translator, she spent
everyday with us and really connected to her. When Jeff mentioned earlier
about Lucy Mae crying at the airport, let me say she was "SCREAMING" at the
top of her lungs and the airport is all open, it is like a huge
was crazy!!!!! and she was falling to the floor and would NOT let go of
Cindy we had to PEEL her off of Cindy (broke my heart, she has had to say
goodbye to so many people, and has lived in a home (I assume with her bio.
mother, bc she was abandon at 6 months old) a hospital, foster, and now our
home, her home sweet home. I cannot wait to keep her home, everyday and just
give her consistency. Have a wonderful day (it is night here) our hotel room

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