Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a blessing!

During last night party... a very nice gentleman, told us that for the next
three days he would send us his driver and he would take us anywhere we
wanted!!! So we did just that...we went back to the flea market and then
went to a shopping mall, where ALL of the sales people call to you trying to
get you to purchase items, Jeff loved the place because all the women hang
on you trying to get you to buy, he said he just wanted to stay up on the
third floor (this is where the women were the most aggressive.) Jeff said if
you ever feel lonely this is the place to go. Needless to say Jeff was on
his own personal high all afternoon, (after being hung on all afternoon.)
The few things we purchased they would give me a price, on a calculator then
I would erase theirs and put my bottom dollar in and walk away then they
would come after me this would go back and forth for awhile UNTIL they
accepted my bottom dollar, this was very fun, I thought they did NOT realize
I have been in sales most of my life...my father taught me well, DONT
BUDGE!!! Then the women would say YOU have a good a wife, she is the boss!

We had a WONDERFUL DAY, Thank YOU Mr. Yang!!

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