Sunday, January 16, 2011

Xiao Ai Nurse Family

WOW I am nervous, you would of thought our daughter was going to prom, or
getting married I put the MOST BEAUTIFUL dress on her that her grandma
Vickie bought her, and I prayed that someday I would be able to help her
with her wedding dress to a godly young man who loves the LORD and her. We
are getting ready to go to the hospital where she spent a lot of her years,
the doctors and nurses love her so very much that they are giving her a
party after visiting the many emotions going through me right
now, it will be a bittersweet memory. Jeff is down in the lobby taking
pictures so I can finish getting ready...WHAT an honor this will be, Yan
will be there as well...she is VERY VERY SICK right now but really pushing
herself to be a part of this, prayers welcomed. GOD BLESS Thank YOU all for
loving and supporting us a family. Pray for Lucy Mae Yan, who will be saying
goodbye to a group of nurses and doctors that loves her for years, our lives
are truly so fragile.

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